We introduce technologies that
achieve the manufacturing of the
high quality and high accuracy in
compliance with the demands from
the markets where evolution is fast.
The products of Sunarrow Citi are
made aiming at a high
performance and a high design
and are active in various fields now.
We introduce management vision,
profile and network of our company
that has tried to improve various
technologies and challenged better
manufacture since we were first
We introduce our attitude, approach
and implement system towards

We provided a lot of companies with the light key and LL key more than 10 years ago when the mobile phone spread.
Afterward the models of keysheets had increased with the evolution of the mobile phone, we could have made low-cost
products that are thin, small, multifunctional and high quality. In the precision work and decoration technology supported
in the keysheet for the cellular phone, technology that supports a consistent system from variety and the product design
to development and manufacturing the mass production equipment is strong points of the Sunarrow. Our technology
can not be limited to parts such as the cellular phone, digital cameras assumed to be a main now, and the music players
and be applied to a wide field.

Main products
Keysheets for mobile phones, Silicone rubber goods, Industrial rubber products, Components for watch,
Automobile components, HDD sheilds

Main basic processing technology

  Silicone rubber molding
  Lim molding
  Synthetic rubber molding
  Monochroic resin molding
  Dichromic resin molding
  UV resin molding
  Potting molding
  Film pressing molding
  Halftone screen printing
  Auto multicolored printing
  Pad printing
  Hot stamp
  Laser painting
  Sputtering and evaporation coating
  Various laser process
  Adhesion technology of various
  (Silicone, Plastic such as urethan
  and polycarbonate, glass, Sus,
  Aluminum etc.)
Mechanical Designing.
Tooling technology
  Dispenser type shield
  3D force sensor
  Touch sensor

We hold variety of decoration technology in order to create various designs.We also have been creating new technology
based on a concept in which not only the design has visual appeals but also it can appeal to our "fifth sense".

Features and strenghths of Sunarrow Citi Co., Ltd.’s decoration technology
Decoration technology makes it possible to add fancy accent, high gloss,
and high design to material.
We've been developing and producing products timely to meet the customers'
needs and world trends.
Not only we invent new technology but also we offer completely new decoration in
order to meet the needs of the era by combining new and traditional technology
of us.
We are able to manufacture high quality and high added value products with
affordable price because we have the ability to support the complete production
processes from product development to molding, decoration, assembly, and
inspection within our own facilities.
We are also able to provide pro-environment technologies such as sputtering,
evaporation coating, and Ni-free plating in our facilities.

List of Sunarrow Citi Co., Ltd.’s decoration technologies
It creates metal layer on surface of plastic mold. Not only it adds premium accent
but has excellent corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, and wearing resistance.
Our factory in China equips the facilities that can make the whole processes from
plastic molding to plating.

Sputtering / Evaporation coating
We own sputtering and Evaporation coating
technologies, which are inevitable for
metallic decoration, both inside and outside
of Japan.
We also have nonconductive metal
decoration technology by ourselves.

Spray paint over the plastic mold.
In Sunarrow, painting is done on transparent plastic mold in order to create areas
where the light can go through for cosmetic purpose. Variety of paint are available,
from normal paint to high brightness metallic paint and pearl paint that require high
skills to use.We add hard coat treatment after the paint to prevent the product
surface from being worn.

It creates various characters and patterns on surface or backside of plastic mold.
Printing on the surface and backside of transparent plastic keys can create deep
and fine decoration. We can also add printing on painting, plating, and evaporation
coating surface.All the ink is chosen according to the material. This is why our
printing has good adhesion and property. Furthermore, we are expert at using
different types of inks such as mirrored ink and hologram ink.

Hot stamp
It adds metallic accent to backside of plastic mold by transferring metal foil onto
the mold using heat.
Transparent plastic keys turn into finest keys with brilliant metallic luster just
having hot stamp on its backside surface.Adding color, optical transparency,
and optical light shielding are also possible by combining hot stamp and printing.

UV molding
This technology makes it possible to create convex and concave shape and
detailed design on the surface of UV resin.
Hairline, leather-like, and fabric-like design are also available.
We create variety of designs depending on the request from our customers.

Laser process
Create artwork such as characters and
figure by laser etching. Laser light keys,
which light up only artwork area, are
made using this technology.
Sunarrow is the first company who
introduced this type of keys into
the market.
Digital printing
Color printing of a drawing and a picture, and also gradation printing
can be achieved.

Mechanical designing and tool making technology are our basic technology in Sunarrow Citi Co., Ltd.We are able to design
and make tools by ourselves, and this makes it possible to provide high-precision tools in short lead time.

Features and strenghths of Sunarrow Citi Co., Ltd.’s Mechanical designing and tool making technology
Integrated production from tool designing to tool making
We offer advanced tool designing, using 3D CAD, flow analysis simulation,
and 3D printer. We also have high-performance machining center and can
make high-precision tools. We've been shortening the tooling lead time by
improving the NC process technology and by using unmanned machines.

Application of mechanical design, tooling technology (case study)
Application of tooling technology (case study)
We succeeded to lower the cost and shorten the lead time of prototypes by introducing quick exchangeable tools, which can
be attached to reusable base tools.

Modeling with 3D printer (optical modeling device)
We can provide more accurate feedbacks on any possible problems in advance
and make right tools by modeling with a 3D printer.

Ultrahigh-speed spindle process
We hold next-generation ultrahigh-speed tooling technology which rotates more
than 200,000.

The design and improvement of manufacturing process are important when we develop and mass-produce new product.
Morever, we naturally stabilize the quality and cut down the cost one by one.
We think that the development of the manufacturing facilities is also important for production of new products and
rationalization, the majority of our manufacturing facilities are developed in-house.
To keep the high quality, we have environmental testing equipment. We introduce some examples.

Features and strenghths of Sunarrow Citi Co., Ltd.’s production engineering
Sunarrow Citi Co., Ltd. has been working on self-manufacturing of production equipments for decoration, assembly,
and inspection, to name but a few.

Gate cut machines for plastic mold
Our automatic gate cut machines provide high speed and
high-precision operation, which as well contribute to laborsaving.

UV molding machine
By automating UV molding machines, we succeeded to improve
the productivity, to keep high quality, and to make cost reduction.

Environmental testing device

We invented user interface by ourselves under the concept of "matching to sensitivity".
By integrating it into keysheet, we add completely new values to keysheets.

What is sensor device?
Variety of contents and information, such as digital home electronics and mobile phones, are surrounding us.
Sunarrow's sensor devices, analog input pointing devices, offer efficient handling and processing of the vast information
around us.

Features and strenghths of sensor input devices

Sunarrow's 360-degree input devices employ capacitance sensor. By converting the capacitance variation which arose from
different force and direction when pressing the sensor to digital, and actualize variety of actions.

1. Menu accelerator
2. Multi-direction key movement that replaces traditional 4-way key. (GPS, 360-degree Map handling)
3. Analog pointing device (web browsing)
We use our keysheet technologies and unique sensor devices in order to offer valuable products to variety of fields including
the growing market of portable devices.

Features and strenghths of sensor input devices
3D force sensor
This device captures finger movements as capacitance.
It changes the speed and displacement depending on
the amount of force. We are able to move a cursor to
any direction in three-dimensional space. Our 3D force
sensor offers 360-degree control which exceeds the
traditional 4-way controller.

Touch sensor
This device captures finger movements as capacitance.
It changes the speed and displacement when a finger
touches the controller. We are able to move a cursor
to any direction in two-dimensional space. Our touch
sensor offers 360-degree control which exceeds
the traditional 4-way controller.

Key devices play an important role as interfaces in variety of equipments. These days, more and more people look for
attractive design, as well as high functionality for portable devices. Sunarrow's products are well known for both high
functionality and design, and they are used in various fields.

Portable devices like mobile phones are experiencing continuous growth. Keysheet's market, especially, is rapidly growing
along with the needs for thinner and lighter products. In today's keysheet business, not only the design but also the function,
user-friendliness, and durability play important factors.

List of Keysheets for mobile phones

UV molding key
Most popular type of thin keysheet.We create 3D shape on a sheet using special
resin that is hardened by ultraviolet light.

Urethane sheet
Thin keysheets can be made by using polyurethane film for a base. This type has
strong adhesion. It is also possible to form shape by composite molding of
polyurethane film and silicone rubber.

Reinforcing plate + Narrow pitch
We can produce narrow pitch keysheets with high stiffness and high functionality
by using composite material of reinforcing plate and silicone as a key base.

Silicone + Keytop
Classic structure of silicone rubber base and plastic keys.
This type provides good click feeling with low cost.

Sheet type
One of the thin-type keysheets. Sophisticated design and thin structure can be
both achieved by combining micro-pattern sheet and metallic decoration.

Qwerty type
We can also produce narrow pitch Qwerty keyboard. UV molding type is
available as well as traditional type of Silicone rubber + PC keytop.

Others (Metallic key) Create unique texture and premium feeling by using real material, such as
ceramic and stainless, for keytop.

In order to add premium accent, keys for digital camera and music player tend to have metallic decoration.
We create sophisticated metallic feeling by using our nanolayer technology, such as Ni-free plating, evaporation coating,
and sputtering. Moreover, we can add more premium values by using real metallic materials.

Introduction example of Digital camera keys

Plating type
Create metallic and premium feeling to
plastic keys by plating method. Various
colors are available for advanced

Evaporation coating / Sputtering type
Keys decorated by sputtering method This is an alternative to traditional plating
method. Wide variety of decorations are possible by using. color sputtering.

Solid metallic material type
We can use solid metallic such as aluminum and stainless for keysheets.
This creates additional premium values that can't be achieved by plating,
evaporation coating, or sputtering.

Our advanced technologies and know-how enable us to have the opportunity to work for keys and connectors used in
automobiles and medical equipments.

Introduction example of Automobile-related keys

We've been providing keysheets equipped in vehicles of well-known
automobile manufacturers. We tailor the designs and functions to your needs.

Technology to produce silicone rubber products is an essential part of Sunarrow's technology.
We are especially good at composite molding; molding silicone rubber with elastomer or metal material.Silicone rubber is
also used in our newly invented input devices, and this is one of the evolving technologies.

Low cost & hight quality silicone rubber products

We've been providing keysheets equipped in vehicles of well-known automobile manufacturers. We tailor the designs
and functions to your needs.


Sunarrow Limited was founded in 1959 and took its first steps as a manufacturer of industrial rubber products. At that time,
Sunarrow has been primarily a manufacturer of water proofing gasket for wristwatches. In 1970, Sunarrow's development
of the world's first conductive rubber keysheet manufacturing processes allowed us to supply the rapidly changing
consumer electronics industry; to provide parts for calculators, remote cotrols, electrical music instruments, cordless
phones, and other electronic conveniences that were spreading around the world.

Sunarrow has been adapting and improving its unique hybrid keysheet technology for hand held electronics, especially for
mobile phone applications and now enjoys a world-class reputation for technological innovation. We are serving a highly
vertically integrated turn key manufacturing capability in house, and we are recognized as a major keysheet supplier that
can consistently meet and exceed the challenging and ever changing expectations of our customers. We are committed to
continuous operational and quality management improvements. Our challenge is to achieve our full potential by responding
to the demands of our customers for high quality, technically advanced products.

We, of Sunarrow, would like to thank you for your continuing support and look forward to building our relationship in
the future.

Corporate Philosophy

Coporate Profile
  Company Name
  Sunarrow Ltd
  Heade Office
  Hulic Hatchobori Dai-Ni Bldg, 4-10-4, Hachobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032 JAPAN
  December 21,1959
  100,000,000 Yen
  120, Sunarrow Group 1,700
  MIZUHO BANK, LTD.(Kyobashi Branch)
Chairman of the Board:Katsunari Komagata
President:Yuji Tokimune
Directors:Minoru Yoshida
Directors:Takeshi Hoyama
Auditor:Eiichi Tanaka

Major Customers
Sony Mobile Communications Inc.
NEC CASIO Mobile communications, Ltd.
Fujitsu Limited
Kyocera Corporation
Sony Corporation
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
Fujitsu Component Limited
Oki Electric Indutry Co.,Ltd.
NEC Engineering. Ltd.
Enplas Display Device Corporation
OMRON Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Business Deployment]
1959DecemberFounded Tokushu Gomu Mfg. Co., Ltd.
1970SeptemberChanged its name to Sunarrow Koeki Co., Ltd.
1973AprilFounded our subsidiary, Sunarrow Kasei Co., Ltd.
Opened Ibaraki Factory
Changed its name to Sunarrow Limited
1991AprilOperated Thai Factory
2001FebruaryOperated Shenzhen Factory
Operated Beijing Factory
Operated Sunarrow Mobile Device(current Niigata Factory)
Opened Finland Factory
Opened Hungary Factory
Opened Beijing Office
2004JanuaryOperated Xiamen Factory
Operated Mexico Factory
Merged Sunarrow Mobile Device(current Niigata Factory)
2006JuneOpened Copenhagen Office

1959Manufactured and sold industrial rubber products and watch components
1970Focused to manufacture and sell silicon rubber products and precision components
Launched development of conductive rubber keypad
1973started in-house production of conductive rubber keypad
1992Manufactured keysheets for mobile phone (LIGHT KEY)

Sunarrow Citi of Thailand was the first factory established where the Japanese top executives had been interested in
investing offshore and was registered as company limited in 1990, and received the investment promotion has had been
privileged from the Board of Investment (BOI) since then. Sunarrow Citi has firstly started with the factory that
manufactured key sheet and rubber industry related products. In 1998 the company was certified by ISO 9002 standard
from the Thai Industrial Standard Institute, Ministry of Industry with regard to the quality management system on
manufacture, installation and servicing.
In 2011, our compliance awareness had been leveled-up towards normative rules, standards and impartiality of
international regulations in consistent with management policies of our Sunarrow group, while Sunarrow Citi had been
certified under international standards of ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO14001:2004 and TLS-8001:2003.
Amidst the rapid growth of industrial sectors. Sunarrow Citi has been developed manufacturing technologies including
installation of state-of-the-art equipment and expansion of production areas. We are now enabling our increased capability
and capacity of manufacturing light keys and Key sheets to meeting any quality specifications of our customer’s demand.

Domestic Network

Sunarrow Citi Co.,Ltd.
ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 certification
15 Moo 3 Phahon Yotin RD., KM.99, Nong-Nak, Nong-Khae,
Saraburi, Thailand
TEL:66-3638-2100 FAX:66-3638-2199

Thai Factory

Oversea Network
Business office

Head Quarter (Sunarrow Limited)
Hakudo Dai-Ichi Bldg, 4-10-4, Hachobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo104-0032, JAPAN
TEL:03-3552-5981 FAX:03-3552-5989

Beijing Office(Beijing Sunarrow Electronics Co., Ltd.)
Avic Building 1402,No.10 B Central Road,East 3rd - Ring Road
Chaoyang District Beijing CHINA,100022
TEL:86-10-65661322 FAX:86-10-65661635

Niigata Factory

Niigata Factory
ISO 14001, ISO 9001 certification 5-1 Shinko-cho, Mitsuke-shi, Niigata 954-0076, JAPAN
TEL:0258-61-4511 FAX:0258-61-4522

Sado Factory(Sunarrow Kasei Co.,Ltd.)
ISO 14001, ISO 9001 certification
837-1, Miyakawa, Sado-shi, Niigata 952-0212, JAPAN
TEL:0259-66-2462 FAX:0259-81-1000

Sado 2nd factory(Techno Sado Co,. Ltd.)
ISO 14001, ISO 9001 certification
31-3, Manoshinmachi, Sado-shi, Niigata 952-0318, JAPAN
TEL:0259-51-2525 FAX:0259-51-2526

Beijing Factory(Bejing Sunarrow & Chung-Ting Electronics Co.,Ltd.)
ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 certification
No.A 16, Jinxiu Street, Beijing Economic-Technological - Development Area,
Beijing, CHINA,100176
TEL:86-10-6787-7788 FAX:86-10-6787-4822

Xiamen Factory(Sunarrow Electronics〈Xiamen〉Co.,Ltd.) ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 certification
2 Guangming Road, Xinglin,Jimei District Xiamen 361022,CHINA
TEL:86-592-6662858 FAX:86-592-6662868

Sealing Technologies PTE Ltd.
NO.11 Serangoon North Ave 5#06-2 MI
Building Singapore 554809
TEL:65-6382-1866 FAX:65-6481-3912

System of environmental promotion

All offices are promoting environmental management with ISO14001.Environmental management and activities of each
office are being confirmed by head office management,which is then reflected to the environmental basic idea of
the Sunarrow group.Such is then being promoted to all offices horizontally.

Management of chemicals
Sunarrow group uses common "Standard for usage of prohibited chemcials" and it prohibits the use of harmful chemicals
which cause negative impact to human body and environment.After content elements of all raw materials and parts are
being confirmed by R&D development, such are then being used by mass production factory.

<Flow of chemical management>

Resource saving
We are advancing the painting technology that reduces the environmental load of VOC and research of raw material that
does not contain halogenated compound.


Energy conservation
We are advancing the energy conservation activities such as the usage of illuminations that consume less electricities,
water-cooling system that assists air-conditioning as well as elimination of unnecessary processes.

Water atomization of outdoor machine
of air conditioner

Sprinkler on roof
Various wastes such as silicon rubber, plastic, organic solvent and abolition oil
have been generated, out of which 70% is being recycled.Defective parts from
domestic and overseas factories are being recycled.Such silicon ruber is being
decomposed with heat into silicon oil and solid silica, which then are being used
as lubricant or soil conditioner.
Pollution management
We aim at symbiosis with the ambient surrounding.

Sunarrow Kasei Co., Ltd.
The exhaust processor(type of washing in clear water scrubber)is set up in
the painting process, so the dust dispersion to the ambient surrounding
is prevented.

Painting exhaust processor(scrubber)
Techno Sado Ltd.
The exhaust processor(RTO combustion
type and combustion type)is set up in
the painting processw, and the dust
dispersion and the VOC exhaust to
the ambient surrounding are prevented.

Painting exhaust processor
(combustion type)

Painting exhaust processor
(RTO combustion type)
Beijing Factory
The exhaust processor(catalyst combustion type)is set up in the painting process, and the dust dispersion and the VOC
exhaust to the ambient surrounding are prevented. Its company / chemical analysis section is set up, and the painting
exhaust is always monitored.

Collection of painting exhaust

Chemical analysis room

Painting exhaust processor
(catalyst combustion type)
Xiamen Factory
The Xiamen factory introduces the exhaust processor(type of washing in clear
water scrubber)together with the installation of the painter degree, and is
preventing the dust dispersion to the ambient surrounding. Moreover, to make
drain clean fewer, new waste water treatment facilities are constructed though
the waste water treatment facilities are set up in the plating operation.

Painting exhaust processor(scrubber)

Cleaning around Thai Factory
We execute cleaning of the surrounding pond and road once a year.

Acceptance of factory tour (Nigata factory)
We actively accept factory tours and outside the school activities for primary schools, junior high schools and high schools
of the vicinity.

Coast cleaning that combines with the citizens (Techno Sado Co,. Ltd.)
We participate in "Environmental cleaning activity" of Sado every year. This is a routine occurrence that our employees can
come together with the citizens. Moreover, we execute cleaning around our factory, cooperating with vicinal companies twice
a year.



        15 Moo 3
        Phahon Yothin Road, KM.99,

        Tel: 66-3638-2100
        Fax: 66-3638-2197-99.


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